Erich Huffaker is a real estate consultant, focused on getting first-time homebuyers to purchase multifamilies to live-in (AKA HouseHacking). During his career, he has helped 1st-time homebuyers reduce their monthly expenses, solidify their financial future and achieve homeownership through HouseHacking. He is an up-and-coming talent, and was awarded the “Rookie of the Year” award at his Better Homes & Gardens home office. He is a lifelong musician, running a group called Orchestra Gold dedicated to promoting 60’s era Orchestra music from Mali, West Africa. He brings this and his Masters-level expertise in Sustainable Energy for a more holistic approach to real estate.

Erich’s connection to real estate traces back to his grandfather Yacoub, a charismatic, erudite and resourceful Egyptian schoolteacher. Family lore has it that “Mr. Yacoub” landed in Southern California during the 70’s with $1000 in his pocket, and a dream of owning a home. His real estate agent sagely told him: “instead of purchasing one home outright with this money, I will help you leverage it to purchase 10 homes!” Mr. Yacoub was a stubborn man, though he eventually agreed, and thus began a legacy that lives on to this day ;~>



Erich’s work is guided by the following principles:

• Brutal Honesty: It is more courageous to tell the truth than the story which best suits personal interests
• Social responsibility: Human connection is more valuable than profit
• Technological responsibility: All technological advances are not inherently superior to that which came before. Technology must be applied in a wise and judicious fashion for its benefit to be maximized, and its negative impacts to be minimized.
• Integrity: Treat all others by a strict code of respect, fairness and transparency. Zero tolerance for toxic individuals.